03 August 2011

Storm's Heart, by Thea Harrison

Storm's Heart (Elder Races, #2)Elder Races #2
Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison

(Disclaimer: if it seems ranty, please note that i was hungry and sleep-deprived (and possibly moody) when i set out to write this review :O)

In a nutshell: Tricks has to leave the Wyr to go off and become the Dark Fae Queen. Tiago is sent with her for her protection. Things happen. Tricks (now known by her real name, Niniane) and Tiago fall in love. More stuff happens.Then comes their Happily ever after.

The characters:
Tiago in one word: brutish. and rude. and crabby. and always running roughshod over things/people. All the time, and mostly for no (justifiable) reason. He is all the things we hate about so-called alpha male heroes, with none of the endearing qualities that makes us gloss over forgive their worst faults. I did not like him at all. The only scene where he made me smile was when he was thoughtful enough not only send for clothes for Niniane, but also to request some chocolates and magazines and earrings for her. That was sweet. There were also a few moments here and there when he was not a complete jackass. The rest of the time, he was plain unlikeable; crude also(it was NOT sexy). I felt his behavior was inexcusable, being old and primal be damned. Heck, Dragos is even older and more primal, but he happened to be endearing. Tiago is not. Irksome is what he was. Running around like a petulant child throwing tantrums when things don't go his way and just generally being a pain (ick!) I did not think he deserved Rune's friendship, nor Dragos, nor any of the Wyr. What he mostly deserved was to have some sense and manners chuck-norris-roundhouse-kicked into him.

Niniane in one word: Hmm - I don't quite know a good one. Mebbe simpering(?) I saw a different Niniane than we had met before in Dragon Bound, when she was Tricks. Tricks was funny and spunky and take-charge; Niniane was flaky, tantrum-prone, and rather shallow (not a good combo). In short, she was a ninny (hah! I amuse myself, lol). For me she was not a very empathetic character. Even the extenuating circumstances could not garner sympathy. I was more like "get it together woman and get serious. you effing have a job to do, do it!" Actually, i wish they had another candidate for queen, because I don't think Niniane has what it takes, nor did I get the feeling she would be a good queen (ie what the Dark Fae need, not one who is liked/loved by 200% of the people, which seemed her primary purpose in life). And oh yes - it really bugged me that all it took for Niniane to start doubting the Wyr (read: Dragos and the sentinels) was a few statements from Carling. Really? No matter how stressed you are, you do NOT doubt the people who have taken you in, treated you as family, and protected you when your own wanted to kill you -people who gave you safe haven for what, TWO HUNDRED YEARS?! and ESPECIALLY when the seeds of doubt are being sown by someone you a) don't trust/know that well, and b) who would have a stake in you not getting along with said people who took you in. I would think by now you know without a shadow of a doubt that they got your back. But no. we doubt them and then chalk it all to stress. smh.

The secondary characters: Dragos and Pia made me smile the scant times they were on; Rune was cute as always. Aryal I found slightly more endearing in this one than in Dragon Bound. So in a sense, it was only the old supporting cast that I enjoyed seeing. None of the new characters were memorable/people i think i would enjoy/care reading about some more. Carling I didn't like one bit (why oh why is she going to be my darling Rune's mate?), nor Arethusa or whatever her name is. Just... no.

The Plot: The "love" between Niniane and Tiago didn't do it for me. Additionally, I ended up skimming rather large portions of this book because I found it hard to keep interested in the Dark Fae elements and the "mystery" aspect - ie, who was interested in killing Niniane. Heck, I wanted to kill Niniane. And Tiago. Most especially Tiago.

Ms. Harrison's quirky and fun writing is what ultimately makes this book likeable.

But I was sorely disappointed with the story and even more so with the characters. I will not be re-reading this one. I will be continuing with the series, because the writing is good, and I love Rune, so I gotta read his book :).

Favorite Quotes:

"I know. I'm sorry. I was scared too. I was so scared. Thank you for coming after me. Thank you so much for finding me" - Niniane to Tiago.

"I will have every part of you, until I live with you underneath your skin" - Tiago to Niniane

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