29 August 2011

My Soul to Lose, by Rachel Vincent

My Soul to LoseSoul Screamers #0.5
My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent

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This novellita is available for free on goodreads.com. You can just scurry over there, and download it. It's a really quick read, I promise. And it is well worth it! You can access it here

Ms. Vincent is a first-time author for me, and I'm really glad I got this book. I like the cover a lot too. It's a really short piece - only about 53 pages, and what a 53 pages it was!

I was completely intrigued the entire time I was reading it.

Kaylee knows she can't scream because something bad will happen. The one time she does scream, it's so horrific she ends up in a psychiatric facility. One inmate there seems to know what she is, but Kaylee herself doesn't know (or doesn't seem to know).

I want to know what Kaylee is. It sounds to me like she's a banshee, or a siren (in which case, it would have been so much fun if her name was Lorelei, lol) but I can't be sure because Ms. Vincent doesn't let on. Either way, it's a interesting concept for an urban fantasy novel, and I am excited about starting this series.

This book is such a great teaser novella(is it even long enough to be called that?)I am going to look for the first book in this series pronto!

This is how teaser novellitas should be done, lol.

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