18 August 2011

The Prince's Mistress, by Day Leclaire

The Prince's Mistress (Silhouette Desire)The Prince's Mistress by Day Leclaire

My rating: 

This is my first book by Ms Leclaire, and I liked her writing. I did not, however, like the story. It started out well enough,and then continued ok, with some ups and downs here and there. The climax though, made me angry, and that's why this book is rated two stars.
Juliana gets mad at Prince Lander because her brother had made Lander agree to marry her for some deal. Lander tries to explain to Juliana that he liked her even before the deal, and that the only reason he'd agreed was because a) he liked her a lot and b) his country NEEDED this deal to survive. Juliana walks out on him I mean, how stupid is that? And then later she thinks of him as the man she loves. Really? So that's how people prove their love? By upping and leaving?

The whole reason for the conflict was stupid, IMO. Lander had shown often enough by his actions that he loved her. I don't get why people will take words over actions. There is a reason they say action speaks louder than words. Yeah. Juliana messed it up for me. I kinda wished Lander had divorced her and found another person who was smarter than that Juliana. Ick!

That being said, I did like Ms. Leclaire's writing style, and a few revelations in this book made me interested enough to want to read the other books in this series if I come across them (I think it is a trilogy, but I am not sure).

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