23 August 2011

The Man She Loves to Hate, by Kelly Hunter

The Man She Loves To Hate (Presents Extra)The Man She Loves To Hate by Kelly Hunter

My rating:

The rave reviews are right. This book is quite unlike most HPs Ive read in that it was dark, heavy stuff. And it is excellent.

Ms. Hunter writes great, fully-fleshed characters. I loved both Jolie and Cole, especially Cole (He's MINE, Lulu, you can't have him!) And she is a fantastic storyteller.

But here's my catch: I hate, hate, hate adultery stories, and I'm rather extreme in my dislike of them. There are very few cases in which I think it is justified, and this book was not one of them. It was not the main point in the story, but it did play a significant enough role that I took it into consideration and it marred my enjoyment somewhat.

So although I will enthusiastically go looking for more of Ms. Hunter's books, and although this is probably one of the top 10 HPs I've read, I won't be putting it on my keeper shelf, and I won't be rereading it. I guess Lulu wins Cole after all, :-(

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