Citations and Disclaimers


Unless I state otherwise - and I am unlikely to do so - every book cover is taken from GoodReads or Amazon, and in very rare cases, from a google search. But the vast majority come from GoodReads.
Additionally, information about every book is also taken from GoodReads, unless for some reason I can't find it there and have the book in hand, in which case I will reproduce the information from the back of the book.
All other pictures are shamelessly taken off Google, with the exception of a couple that I made myself (you'll be able to tell the homemade ones).


Some books I own, some books I borrow, a few books I receive from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I don't get paid for those. If I did receive a book from the publisher, it will say so somewhere on the review: in the title, or in the text of the review itself.


I try to be honest about what I think of a book and how it made me feel. I try to express those feelings as honestly and tactfully as possible. In most cases I succeed; in a few I don't. 

If for some reason you want to put any part of anything I've written up somewhere, just ask me!

And, er..... that's about it.


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