18 May 2012

TGIF @ GReads #6: Birth of a Blogger

TGIF is a weekly meme hosted every Friday at GReads, asking reading/book-related questions which are fun to answer. This week's question is:

A Book Blogger is Born: What made you decide to start your very own book blog?

In truth, I started a book blog because I saw the wisdom of having your reviews stored in more than one place. Then it was a nice to thing to have if  you were requesting books on NetGalley (so yes, I am one of THOSE PEOPLE, haha). But then I decided I didn't care about ARCs and stuff like that and just wanted a place to hang out, put my reviews, and write things that don't necessarily fit into my other book-sharing spaces, like GoodReads.

So the reasons I became and still keep my blog change all the time as I change. Right now, it is my book diary, and a place to store all the bookish ramblings in my head. And who knows, that might also change, but for now, it is my favorite incarnation.


  1. Is Netgalley not the best? I agree, I am not so worried about ARCs, I just want to read and review and talk to people about books.

  2. Change is good! My blog didn't start out as a book blog, but like you said, that's what it is now, and who knows where it might go in the future - although I think books will always be a part of it somehow.

  3. ARCs and giveaways, etc didn't really matter to me either. I just like having my reviews somewhere where I can go back and read them :) Great last sentence, too!


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