31 May 2012

{May} Month in Review

I am shocked by how little I read.


O_O! I read less than 10 books this month - 8 to be exact- one of which was a reread!
I am going to blame it one still slowly coming up out of my reading slump, and still getting adjusted to the new job. I have only worked for about 6 weeks so far, and since it's shift work instead of a nine-to-five, I find myself working at odd hours all week, and trying to fit my sleep in :D. 

The favorites

  • I think I enjoyed rereading G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy the most. He's one of the first that got me thinking about MY faith and MY philosophy of life, instead of approaching them in the general sense.
  • Touch of Frost was a surprise for me - not the story, but the sensible character-in-YA bit. It was a major factor in my enjoyment of the book.

The least favorites

  • I didn't like Kitty Norville and the Midnight Hour, which I read earlier this month. The review will be up here sometime.

Underwhelming/disappointing reads

  • Shadow Bound by Rachel Vincent was a big disappointment for me, which is really sad to say because I have been rabidly looking forward to it since I finished Blood Bound last year. I did not enjoy it at all.
  • Tangle of Need I enjoyed very much, but I ended up feeling like I didn't know the main couple. It's like watching the wedding of a complete stranger: beautiful to see, but you're not invested in the event. I wish we'd seen more of them before it came to this.


Quality, not quantity. Even for reading so few books, I really enjoyed my reading experiences. Just about every book was a winner (except for 2 or so outliers). 

Looking Forward

Although I have much less time to read, I am used to reading more books than this and this I do under more pressures than I currently face. I am hoping I'll get to spend more time reading in June. I also fully expect to enjoy myself more, as my slumps lifts even further. I finally started writing down some of my bookish thoughts that don't fit into review space, and I am psyched to be putting them up (finally they'll be in some place other than my head!). And I get  new laptop in June! No more stealing my sister's laptops at ungodly hours! Yay me! Here's to a wonderful new month!


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