27 March 2012

Review: Hexed (Anthology) by Ilona Andrews, etc.

Author: Ilona Andrews, etc.
Title: Hexed
Series: Anthology
Pages: 326
Source: Owned

This anthology was a very mixed bag. I have owned a paper copy for close to a year. I started it and could not even get through the first story. Thanks to a challenge, though, I took the opportunity to make myself read it. I love the cover!

Magic Dreams by Ilona Andrews - 5 stars
This was the story I started and couldn't get into. I have no idea why or how because this time around I breezed through it. Jim has a death spell of some kind hovering over his head and Dali must help him figure it out and break it or else Jim, who she secretly loves, is going to die. I loved it. I loved the mythology, and I liked Dali and her family (her mom's hilarious). I really like how the voices are different. Dali's voice is different from Kate's is different from Andrea. It makes the whole series seem more authentic to me. Two things I noticed: JIM IS A BLACK MAN?!!!! However did I miss that? Did everyone else know it? The second thing is that Dali thinks Kate is gorgeous. I smiled because Kate thinks she is not beautiful. Without a doubt this was the best story in the anthology. By far.

Ice Shards by Yasmine Galenorn - 2 stars
I forget if I also tried to read this one or if it was another Yasmine Galenorn, but my experience was the same: flat and uninterested. To compound it, there were so many characters, each with their own backstory. So for someone like me who hasn't read anything by Ms. Galenorn or the series from which this novella comes, it was hella confusing. I didn't enjoy this one.

Double Hexed by Allyson James - 1.5 stars
This story is set in the Stormwalker world, starring Janet Begay and her entourage. I knew I wasn't going to like this one. The two Stormwalker books I read were bad reading experiences for me, and it was no different this time. Every single character in that world is an idiot. Every.single.one. And yes, it's not very complimentary, so I sorta feel bad saying that about an author's work, but really, those characters make me want to shoot them. I was rooting for the demon to do us a big favor and kill them all, but alas, no one cares what I think, so that wish was ignored.

Blood Debt by Jeanne C.Stein - 3 stars
A completely new-to-me-author. I don't even have any idea what series this novella comes from. But I think the author did a good job. I was annoyed sometimes because the heroine seemed a bit too Mary-Sueish, but that could just have been me being peckish. It was a good story and I think I am interested enough to check out the series.



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