19 March 2012

Memorable Monday #7: Terrible Again!!!

This meme is fast becoming one of my favorites ever!  Memorable Monday is a new meme hosted by the ladies over at Escape in a Book, and invites us to share a memorable quote from something we've read/ are reading.

Okay, I haven't read any books with notable moments, lately. But when in doubt, rely on oldy-but-goody.
Stacia Kane. We're talking Terrible here, people, Terrible! Who happens to be one of the awesomest heroes anywhere!! And our tidbit from Terrible is not from a specific book, but a specific saying:

Give you whatany you want, Chessiebomb, whatany you want. 

Ai, it fair kills me with love for him when he says that. I melt!If you know Terrible, you know what I mean, and chances are  it does the same to you. If you don't know him, well, whatever are you waiting for? Go grab a book!!!


  1. I haven't read this series..but your quote has me intrigued!

  2. I haven`t read this series:) But love your quote:)

  3. That sounds great. I just looked at the synopsis for this series and I have to say that it sounds really great. But there are still too many books on my TBR shelf and wishlist anyway... :D Thanks for sharing;)

  4. Love your quote! And by the why: nice blog. Today I had a quote from Pollyanna. http://whatafeeling-mailene.blogspot.com/2012/03/memorable-monday_19.html

  5. ASdsdlfukzhasldkfhaskldfjhaslkdfjzaweoi crasmkdnflakjwerz hajlSBC KSJDHJFÖO wc3u wuihq23p4987asdfjklhasdkfjqü234908cl a JDHQWCICURZ/Q"C?)§($KASJDH äqwej cwk476 TERRIBLE!!!!!!!

    Patricia // My Memorable Monday

    1. ^ This was supposed to say that you owned this week's MM.

    2. LOLLLL!!!!! Thanks, Patty. This made me laugh at lot.


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