02 January 2012

Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs

Bone Crossed (Mercedes Thompson, #4)Mercede Thompson #4
Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs
My rating: ★★

More than 3.5, but not quite four stars.

In this installment, the Vampire queen has discovered what Mercy did to Andre and is out for blood. Mercy has to figure out how to stay alive and keep her friends and loved ones out of the line of fire. A little trip to get away from everything for a few days also turns into way bigger deal than expected.

By now, I am used to the awesomeness of Patricia Briggs' writing, but it gets me every single time. the story is told very simply, so that you can see plot twists from miles away. I KNEW who Jim Blackwood was when i met him, even before his name was spoken, and I knew Mercy was going to meet him. What gets me is he execution - predictable mystery, flawlessly executed. It makes i fun to read on, even though you know who the whodunits are already.

What kept me from fully enjoying this story was..well, the story. Marsilia needs to die. Simple. It grates on me that she is still alive and hurting so many people. I agree with Samuel about Stefan (but then again, I'd agree with Samuel about anything, LOL!) If he cared so much he'd do the entire world a favor and put Marsilia out of her misery. She is evil. She needs to die. Stefan is an idiot.

I liked seeing Adam again, and how gentle he is with Mercy. Mercy's mom made me laugh most of the time. Samuel made me smile always - and why not, he is my favorite, after all.

Good book, good reading. Will reread. in fact, will by paper copies of this whole series and put in a place of honor on my bookshelf. This one is just not my favorite installment.

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