28 January 2012

For Duty's Sake by Lucy Monroe

For Duty's Sake (Royal Brides, #9)For Duty's Sake by Lucy Monroe

This HP is made up of and Idiot Female Lead (I refuse to call such people heroines) who is the way she is because of her sorry excuse for parents.
- Her dad is the idiot "prince" who thinks with not-his-head, and thinks that his wife's refusal to bear another child is reason enough for him to go whoring with half the opposites sex on the face of this Earth. It is interesting that this dude never once caught an STD.

- Her mom is the idiotic,vapid model who thinks "but I love him" is reason enough to let her husband
a. continue with his foolishness(seriously! STDs!)
b. stay 'married' to him, but live in a different country so she is not 'shamed' by his behavior.

Now you are not to surprised our IFL is an idiot who is TSTL, nah?

This IFL thinks because she has been betrothed to the IML since she was 13 (now she's 23) and he hasn't announced a formal engagement, she's an old maid. Mebbe if she...say...went to school or did almost anything else with her life, she wouldn't be spouting such drivel.

She also has the nerve to be talking to people about moving their ideas into the 21st century when her parents are medieval train wrecks and she herself is stuck in the regency era (see above for examples).

With a person like this as one of the main characters, are you going to enjoy the story?

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