20 February 2012

Memorable Monday #3

This meme is fast becoming one of my favorites ever!  Memorable Monday is a new meme hosted by the ladies over at Escape in a Book, and invites us to share a memorable quote from something we've read/ are reading.

Today's quote is from a book I just finished reading: Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane. There are so many good quotes to highlight what I want, I don't know which on to choose. So here goes:

"So why do you work for Bump?"
"Only thing I ever good at"
"What, beating people up?"
He nodded "I got no school, you know. No family. Bump took me in, I just a kid. Getting in street fights for food, sleeping any flat wheres I could find. Now I don't have to fight. Nobody wanna dance with me." Faint pride colored his voice as he spoke the last sentence.

This is Terrible's life story, as told to Chess I LOVE Terrible. One of the best characters I've ever had the pleasure of reading since I began reading romance and (urban) fantasy.. He's a badass - his job requires hat he be one but I don't know anyone else who's a bona fide thug (dude's an enforcer for a drug dealer, or as my friend put it, professional bully) who also manages to be so genuinely sweet, so kind, so considerate.  Okay enough rambling.


  1. Terrible sounds like a great badass. The combination of your description and the quote made me want to get this book ASAP :)

  2. That doesn't only sound like a good quote, but also like an interesting character. I'd totally love to read that book. Awesome quote!

  3. Looks awesome! Great quote :) Thanks for dropping by and happy reading.

  4. I love Terrible. There's a song and a dance for him, because he's just so great. <3

    So.. great pick!


    1. Thanks, Patty! Terrible is just so lovable it hurts, :D

  5. Loved, loved, loved this book! Chess is a dark, flawed character who I can't help but rooting for. She has a troubled past and is an addict. Her addiction is a main plot point in this book, as well as throughout the series. She makes one bad decision after another, mostly due to her addiction. It's frustrating at times, but I found myself very sympathetic towards her. We don't get too much of her past in this first installation, but keep reading.

  6. I've been wanting to read this forever. Great quote!


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