13 February 2012

Memorable Monday #2

Memorable Monday is a new meme hosted by the ladies over at Escape in a Book, and invites us to share a memorable quote from something we've read/ are reading.

This week's quote also comes from Alpha and Omega. Bran is talking to Anna on the phone, and after she tells him that Charles' wolf has claimed her as his own and that he thinks she is an Omega werewolf. Bran goes silent for a while and then says

"Oh his brother is going to tease him unmercifully about this. Why don't you tell me everything that has happened. Start with picking Charles up at the airport please."

I love this quote because it is one of three that shows how Samuel's brother and father see him: the joker, the prankster, the one with so much joy in him. Not the Samuel we've seen of late, bowed under so much pain. He's my favorite character in both of Patricia's series' and I so badly want him to be happy.


  1. I have only read the first book about Mercy, but I feel the need for more. This was kind of spoilerish for me LOL I lurv Sam as well :)

    Thanks for joining in!

  2. I have read the other series by this author, but not the Charles and Anna one. Might have to check it out now! Good quote.

    1. You definitely should! Charles and Anna have a very sweet relationship.


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